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Manage prevention and compliance


The Préventelis platform offers companies a comprehensive service for all your workplace risk prevention initiatives, such as completing the DUERP occupational risk assessment document, which is mandatory for all companies and organizations with at least one employee.

Benefits of this service:

  • health and security compliance quiz​
  • online DUERP (Document Unique d’Évaluation des Risques Professionnels) occupational risk assessment document and hardship assessment sheets
  • prevention initiatives at negotiated prices
  • dashboard and monitoring of prevention initiatives


What our customers say:

“The risk assessment document and action plan help promote prevention as a driver of the company’s performance.”
“If an accident occurs at your workplace and the police show up, you had better be sure that your occupational risk assessment document is in order.”
“This provides a useful foundation and framework. Otherwise everything is so complicated.”
“An outside service provider can provide further support.”​

Qualitative research conducted among companies by AXA in 2015, WSA customer survey, July 2018

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